About us

The Teachers Guild x School Retool believes that educators are the innovators our schools and communities have been waiting for. Now merged, TGxSR is a professional learning community of educators who design meaningful learning and belonging so that every learner, students and adults alike, thrive. Going forward, both programs will be incubated in partnership with IDEO’s Design for Learning Studio and Plussed at Riverdale Country School.

Our approach

The Teachers Guild x School Retool develops the local capacity of school communities to set and pursue equity aspirations so that every student is future-ready, no matter who they are, where they live, or how they learn. Through a community-led approach, teams of educators, leaders, students, and families catalyze equitable school change by leveraging the resources and expertise they already have in their schools and communities.

Our goal is that the Co-Designing Schools Toolkit will increase accessibility to our programming and allow educators to customize resources for their context, leading their own school teams through a design process.

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