Tools for Change

Use these resources to lead your team through a design journey that surfaces solutions for students furthest from opportunity in your school community. Work through each phase in order or choose a specific phase that best fits your team's needs.
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Phase 5

Observe and understand your impact

To use evidence to drive the design process, your team will test hacks, collect results, check assumptions, and generate key insights. Documenting the process with artifacts will help bring others along and communicate your team's impact. This is essential to ensuring you are pausing, reflecting, and pivoting, where necessary.

Before you begin this phase, you should:

  • Prepare hacks for implementation
This journey has helped my instruction because the evidence is coming from our most important stakeholders: students. Their voices and perceptions should not be discounted, and asking them for input empowers them to be engaged, connected learners.

Valerie Pelletier

Teacher in Mead, CO

Getting started

Observe and Understand Your Impact

An overview of this phase's goals, activities, and desired outcomes.


Uncommon Measures

Forecast the impact of hacks before they happen or uncover early indicators that things are moving in the right direction.

Methods to Collect Feedback

After your team has implemented your hacks, ask students to reflect on the change. Consider unconventional measures to encourage and collect feedback.

Hack Story Share

Facilitate a discussion to reflect on the outcomes of your team's hacks. Invite individuals to share stories and encourage feedback from the group to deepen future impact.


The activities in this phase will set you up to have multiple forms of evidence, including feedback from your peers. Your team should know if you’re on the right track towards making the change that you hope to see in your school community.

At the end of this phase, you will have:

  • Gathered artifacts about the impact of your hacks
  • Reflected with your team about iterations you need to make for your next round of hacking

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Next, showcase your work

Tell the story of your design journey to share the impact and invite greater participation.