Tools for Change

Use these resources to lead your team through a design journey that surfaces solutions for students furthest from opportunity in your school community. Work through each phase in order or choose a specific phase that best fits your team's needs.
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phase 6

your work

Synthesize, reflect, and celebrate your team’s hard work. Share the insights and key learnings of your hack journey through storytelling, inviting the broader community to take part in the conversation. Scale hacks into a grade-wide or school-wide practice.

Before you begin this phase, you should:

  • Complete your team's design journey
We're never really finished; everything we're doing in schools is always in progress.
Jeff Matthews

District Administrator in Gwinnett County, GA

Getting started

Showcase the Work

An overview of this phase's goals, activities, and desired outcomes.


Design Portfolio

Synthesize and celebrate your team's design journey.

Creating Change in Schools Discussion

A structured discussion to address the question, "Where do we go from here?"

Closing Ceremony

Consider a closing ceremony to recognize your team's design thinking capabilities. Refer back to the "Build Your Team" phase for an appropriate closing to the design journey.


You’ve shared your work, but this not the end of the road. The journey towards your equity aspiration has just begun, you’ve developed momentum and promising hacks, and you’ve invited others to join you. Now, it’s time to reflect: how do you keep going and who else needs to be part of your team?

At the end of this phase, you will have:

  • Showcased your insights and design journey to others

Join the conversation

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Share Your Thoughts

Help other educators learn from your team. Share your work on the Community Wall.

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Explore all activities in the Appendix

Explore Appendix

Explore all activities in the Appendix

Explore Appendix